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Natural and artificial, creativity and imagination, shapes and symbols are the elements that have characterized, for centuries, the design of play spaces in parks and historic gardens.

Over time, these principles have taken a secondary role and have lost valuable features such as: the specificity of each place, relations with the environment, with the landscape and the man himself.

If the game combines the creative and cognitive aspects of the complete formation of the person, it is correct to think that the inclusion of games and playing in gardens, parks and landscapes, historical or contemporary, should merge on the same assumptions: the creativity and local knowledge, understood as physical and social spaces.

The Festival of the Game in the Garden and Landscape, which will begin March 7, 2013 in the beautiful setting of Villa Visconti Borromeo Litta, Lainate, wants to involve and sensitize a wide and varied audience through play experiences, moments of reflection, discussion and dialogues on game for children, teens and adults, in the garden, in the park and in the landscape.

The objectives are to inform and educate the most varied audience to the game in the open spaces; sensitize governments to the quality and variety of playful experience, using specific skills, and develop guidelines for good design and contextualization of games in different areas, historical or contemporary; to promote the culture of landscape and gardens as  places of delight and memory; to involve and sensitize a wide and varied audience to the knowledge of a heritage landscape today not sufficiently known, but with great potential and attractive for tourists.


International summits

1.0 “GIOCO GIARDINO PAESAGGIO. Dal labirinto al QR Code” (GAME GARDEN LANDSCAPE. Form the Maze to the QR Code) Feasts Hall, Villa Visconti Borromeo Litta, Lainate – Milan –  7 march 2013

The meeting will explore the theme of the game, entertainment and leisure in historic parks and gardens, but also in the landscape. Thanks to the involvement of operators and municipal technicians, opportunities will be offered for discussion and dialogue on the theme of the game for children, teens and adults, and an awareness of the cultural value of the site seen by users.

2.0 “GIOCO GIARDINO PAESAGGIO: Immaginazione, nuovi spazi, nuove socialità” (GAME GARDEN LANDSCAPE. Imagination, new spaces, new sociality) Civic Arena “Gianni Brera”, Milan – autumn 2013

Considerations, experiences and illustrative examples  in the international scene will propose a new kind of space for the game, from the historical garden to contemporary life spaces. The experiences and the solutions have been selected among those who have shown innovation and a deep attention to the peculiarity character of the places.


Events in the historic gardens of ReGiS, from March to December 2013

Play-educational Laboratories – The Garden and the Game

Music: Installations and concerts in the gardens and parks

Theatre: Guided visits in costume in ReGiS gardens and parks

Screenings: extracts of famous films on the theme of the garden and landscape

and much more…


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