The Cariplo Project at IFLA word congress 2016

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Promoting the Lombard historical garden heritage by the development of a sustainable network of competences. The programmed management plan as an operational tool.” will be postered at the Word Congress International Federation of Landscape Architects in Turin this April! 

evento riboldi Through the cooperation of various municipalities and academic institutions, REGiS – Rete dei Giardini Storici (Network of Historical Gardens) has promoted since 2008 a mode of “integrated management” in a number of those sites. In January 2014, ReGiS has also started supporting the development of forms of coherent preservation practices, which enable the planning of maintenance programmes for historical gardens and the dissemination of their existence to a wider public and consolidate their values in a shared manner. The present project, which involves many institutional and academic partners (Polytechnic of Milan, schools for gardeners of Minoprio and Monza, Royal Palace of Monza, Municipalities of Cinisello Balsamo, Desio, Gorgonzola, Lainate, Legnano, Merate, Sesto San Giovanni) and funded by Cariplo Foundation – is aimed at the preservation of the historical and architectural character of those sites, and the sharing of their recognised identity by the community.
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