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Historical gardens network

Network for information , comparison, exchange of experience and cooperation between public entities that share property situations or management of gardens and historical parks open to the public, to implement educational, cultural, touristical and paesagistical projects of the common interest.


The Cariplo Project at IFLA word congress 2016

20 April 2016|0 Comments

“Promoting the Lombard historical garden heritage by the development of a sustainable network of competences. The programmed management plan as an operational tool.” will be [...]

Questioni di giardino. I conti Silva aprono le porte della loro Villa in Cinisello.

3 February 2016|0 Comments

Visite guidate in costume d’epoc, a cura degli attori/volontari dell’Associazione Amici del Pertini e di Villa Ghirlanda, formati da Follie d’Artista. […]

Waiting the un-expected guest… to live, taste, feel the garden…

4 June 2015|0 Comments

ReGiS  is among the partners of the project presented by the non-profit organization Archipelago to the Foundation of Northern Milan and financed thanks to the [...]