Nocturn Guided visit, Villa and Garden of Villa Ghirlanda Silva of Cinisello Balsamo

>>>Nocturn Guided visit, Villa and Garden of Villa Ghirlanda Silva of Cinisello Balsamo

 regis 21 giugno21 June 21st 2013 Let’s discover the Villa and Garden with lanterns, to find out the magic atmosphere the garden hides through the shadows of the evening.

We hope to see you soon for the next events!

Volantino 21.06 A

Volantino ReGiS iniziative settembre    streghe e fateStreghe & Fate, Thank you for the fantastic clothes! Here is the direct link to the internet page of Witches & Fairies, for those who want to have a look!

Here is the heartwarming email Ms. Stefania, mother of George, who has done so much tenderness to us all in ReGiS! Thank you so much!Regis report giorgia    Le
Photos of the evening!
We’d love to thanks Stefano (our friendly colleague), Margherita Magni e Giuseppe Salupo for their shots!

Stefano’s photos:

Margherita Magni’s photos:

Giuseppe Salupo’s photos:

Watch online or download the flyer in PDF!

Flyer 21.06.2013 front

Flyer 21.06.2013 back


Informations about the event:

Torch of culture

To make the visit even more attractive we’d love to organize a “torch of culture“: why not illuminate the garden with lots of tiny lights?

Bringing a simple empty glass jar, like the jam’s ones, we will light the guided tour of the garden with small candles (provided by ReGiS)

 articolo di giornale   Article from Il Punto, Cinisello Balsamo, Year III, Number 4, May 2013, p. 16.

Enrollement necessary, free admission.

Please sign up to the mail address:

When: 20.30 – 22.30, meeting ten minutes before the beginning in the Villa’s court.

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